SEO Training for Beginners

How to get found on Google and earn more traffic in 2020.

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In pursuit of page one

When a customer searches for your product on Google, does your website show up? Chances are you’ve still got a long way to go to reach that first page of results.

Search engine optimization (SEO), is the practice of building your website and writing your content so that Google’s algorithm recognizes your online store. While there’s no guarantee in SEO strategy, there are tried a true methods of climbing the search rankings.

In this course, you’ll learn what Google values in search results, how to research and select keywords relevant to your business, and how to develop an SEO strategy specific to your business.

SEO: What matters most

Understand how Google works and the factors it considers when presenting search results.

Figure out how people find you

Keyword research helps you discover the words and terms people use to find you.

Optimize your Shopify store

Learn how to add keywords to your product pages, write a meta description, add alt-text to images and more.

Shopify SEO cheat sheet

Your step-by-step guide to a SEO strategy for your Shopify site.

Meet your instructor

Casandra Campbell

A Shopify expert by day, an internet marketer by trade, an entrepreneur at heart, Casandra lives and breathes ecommerce.

As the Experimentation Lead at Shopify, Casandra is constantly testing and refining new marketing strategies to help businesses grow. Before that, she was building Shopify’s own content and SEO strategy.

A regular speaker and educator at content marketing and SEO conferences, Casandra shares her approach to ecommerce SEO on Shopify.

Course outline

A strong SEO strategy can put your business on the right path for the long term. With minimal spending, you can get new customers finding you each and everyday.

In this course, you’ll learn various steps you can take on your website and off of it in order to get found on Google.


Keyword Research

Figure out how people find you on Google. What are they typing in? Where are your happiest (and most profitable) customers coming from? We’ll share tools and strategies to help you with your research.

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On-Site SEO Strategy

From home page to product page, learn how to incorporate keywords into your website copy. Then learn how to structure your website menu in a way that makes it easy for Google to find you.

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Off-Site SEO Strategy

Links from other websites to yours are a big indicator for the Google algorithm. Learn how to reach out to other businesses and get them to link to you.

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“Shopify is the best and biggest for the reach and ease it offers my customers… They’re more confident to buy via a Shopify store.”

Ollie Alpin, Shopify Success Story,

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

Immediately. Shopify Academy’s on-demand courses can be started and paused to fit your schedule.

How much is the course?

Free! Shopify Academy has partnered with experienced instructors who have generously committed their time to help entrepreneurs succeed.

Who is this course for?

Everyday entrepreneurs like you. SEO can be a daunting topic so we want to start with the basics and make sure you’re optimizing your Shopify store. As long as you’ve started your business and you’re looking to get more traffic, you’re in the right place.

Is SEO expensive?

Just the opposite. SEO is a low-cost, long-term strategy to building your business. While you might not see results on the first day, SEO is a sustainable way to drive traffic to your website with people searching for the products you sell. While some of the keyword research tools can be expensive, we’ll show you a few low-cost options.

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