Add Ecommerce to Any Website with the New Shopify Buy Button


The Shopify Buy Button is the easiest way to add ecommerce to any website. You can use it to sell your products on WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, on your own self-hosted website, or anywhere else. Adding a buy button to your website is as simple as embedding a YouTube video, and you get all the power and reliability of the Shopify platform.

Here’s an example. Say you’ve built a following on your WordPress blog, and you want to sell t-shirts to your audience. Log into Shopify, add the product, and then generate your buy button. Copy and paste the embed code provided into your blog’s sidebar, a post, or any page.

Once you publish the page, here’s how it would look:

You can easily customize the look and feel of the buy button in order to match your branding, and it is fully responsive, so it looks great on computers, smartphones, and tablets.

If you’re selling more than one product, you can also include an embedded shopping cart, so visitors to your website can buy multiple products at once, or come back later to checkout.

Start selling for just $9/month

Buy buttons are great if you’re not ready to start a fully-featured online store, or you just want to sell a few products on your existing website.

For just $9/month you can now use the Shopify platform to sell your products using buy buttons. As part of this plan you also have access to features including Shopify POS, the app store, and 24/7 support. When you’re ready, you can quickly and easily upgrade to a full online store.

Sign up to use the Buy Button

Existing Shopify customers can use buy buttons at no extra cost. Just add them to your account as a sales channel.