Paypal Payments Pro Integrated

Paypal Payments Pro Integrated

Paypal Payments Pro Integrated Paypal Payments Pro, an often requested gateway, is now integrated with Shopify. This service allows you to accept credit cards directly on your website just like a merchant account. However you don’t need a separate merchant account and gateway. As well, Paypal Payments Pro allows Paypal account holders to check out fast with saved information.

Here is the scoop:

  • Accept credit card payments directly on your website; PayPal processes payments in the background, so you control the customer experience.
  • Allow PayPal account holders to check out fast with saved information, plus, you may gain incremental sales from our growing base of more than 100 million user accounts in 103 countries and regions.
  • Get industry-leading security. We have industry-leading fraud-prevention systems in place – and help fight chargebacks for you. Plus, you can control your level of risk – to allow only the types of transactions you prefer.
  • Take advantage of comprehensive online reports that help you measure sales and manage your business easily.



  • Damien
    November 02 2006, 10:22PM

    I think this is only available in the US right now – be good to put some pressure on Paypal to make this available worldwide, or if I’m wrong – be great to be corrected on this one as I’d like to use it.

  • Jason Kitcat
    Jason Kitcat
    November 02 2006, 10:22PM


    The Pro service is available on PayPal UK, I don’t know about other countries…

  • Neale Goldingay
    Neale Goldingay
    November 02 2006, 10:22PM

    It should not be long before its available in most places

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