A cake in minutes...

A cake in minutes...

Marceline from asking for trouble was so happy with Shopify that she promised to bake us a cake and It finally arrived:

A cake in minutes...

Thank you so much for the wonderful package and note Marceline!

A finger puppet eh? I’ll have to come up with some kind of evil voice for it now.

Update: Marceline posted as well. There you can find much nicer pictures of the cake than the ones my stupid cell phone could take.



  • marceline
    May 08 2008, 01:03PM

    Yay, glad it all arrived safely. If you’re ever in Scotland I’ll bake you a real cake.

  • @Shopify tobi
    May 08 2008, 01:03PM

    Thank you so much Marceline, you really made our week here in the office :-)

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