Blogging in Shopify colors

At the time we were starting this blog we wanted it to be a company blog where our readers could follow what jaded Pixel does. This blog is in fact more about Shopify than it is about the company so we decided to go ahead and show its ties to Shopify by a visual update.

As you can see, we changed it to a fixed-width style that would make (especially longer) articles easier to read. The fancy shopping bags you see above each poster’s name are meant as placeholders and will be replaced by photos – and no, we are not eager to use gravatar for it this time.

There are a few things you might miss (or not) right now, like the Team page. But they will all come back one way or the other.

That being said, we hope you like the new look – and in case you don’t: find the subscribe button conveniently to your top right.



  • Ryan
    May 09 2008, 05:06PM

    Congrats on the new blog design! It looks very smart and is a great addition to the Shopify empire!

  • Yan
    May 09 2008, 05:06PM

    Good work Daniel. Love it.

  • @Shopify tobi
    May 09 2008, 05:06PM

    Love it :-)

  • Tom
    May 09 2008, 05:06PM

    Looks nice.

    Just out of curiosity…is there something behind the hesitation to use gravatar?

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