New Feature: Collection Sorting

New Feature: Collection Sorting

Your Shopify collections can now be sorted!

All of your Custom Collections and Smart Collections can now be sorted in six different ways:
  • Alphabetically: A-Z
  • Alphabetically: Z-A
  • By Price: Lowest to Highest
  • By Price: Highest to Lowest
  • By Created Date: Newest to Oldest
  • Custom

Now you can easily choose how your collections are sorted and they will stay that way.

For example, let’s say that you sort a collection alphabetically, then you decide to change the titles of some of your products. When this happens, your collection will be automatically resorted in the background so that the customer experience is seamless.

From this point on, all new collections that are created will be sorted Alphabetically: A-Z.

There are no changes required on your part, so start sorting!

New Feature: Collection Sorting



  • Damien Buckley
    Damien Buckley
    October 29 2008, 03:44PM

    Small but nice (and useful) upgrade fella’s – keep it coming!

  • Lopre
    October 29 2008, 03:44PM

    Looks very nice!

  • Keir
    October 29 2008, 03:44PM

    I like! Is nice! Good to see new features popping up.

  • Krasen T
    Krasen T
    April 05 2012, 03:12PM

    Can we use this feature and add it to the front end of our themes?

  • Jessica
    July 06 2013, 04:13PM

    I’m with Krasen on this one… being able to sort like this on the front-end would be invaluable. It’s mind-boggling that Shopify doesn’t offer this out of the box.

  • Robin Yacoubian
    Robin Yacoubian
    August 04 2013, 02:53AM

    I agree with Krasen and Jessica, front-end sorting please! It is a serious negative that shopify doesn’t currently support it.

  • Emma Coles
    Emma Coles
    January 21 2014, 10:32AM

    I second front end sorting-I’ve just added all my products and have now found out the only way to enable this is to create multiple collections for each individual collection. Surely there must be a simpler way?!

  • Jason McMillen
    Jason McMillen
    April 03 2016, 03:19AM

    I need a way to create collections that sort from most recent updated (publish-date) rather than created-date.

    So far no amount of hacking the liquid scripts seems to be able to afford me this ability so it’s on the Shopify side to implement this. How do I make a formal request for this feature?

  • shopify is shit
    shopify is shit
    November 11 2018, 03:52PM

    these ppl at shopify are the worst experience ive ever had trying to get answers from a live person and the basic bitch methods they try to approach issues is rediculous. they suck your money while you try to figure shit out and meanwhile you gush money and time. fuck this bull shit lie , i cant get a real fucking answer for things to save my life and these you tube idiots all perky trying to make it seem easy are the worst THEY WONT HELP ME WITH SHIT. PULL OUT YOUR MONEY AND GO SOMEWHERE ELSE THESE ARE THE SMARTEST TIPS OF ALL. FUCK YOU SHOPIFY IM A PR SPECIALIST AND IM RELEASING ALL THE BULL SHIT YOUVE PUT ME THROUGH WITH A GLOBAL SMEAR CAMPAIGN SINCE I HAVE ACCESS TO THE NEWSFEEDS GLOBALLY WITH ONE KEY STROKE, YOUR GOING DOWN IF YOU DONT HELP ME IN 24 HRS, IM FUCKING DONE

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