Shopify Integration with PowerReviews

Shopify is proud to announce a partnership with PowerReviews!

We’ve been hard at work since January working on an integration of PowerReviews Express™ with the PowerReviews team, and we’re very happy to announce that the integration is now complete and ready to be used by any Shopify store.

PowerReviews provides an excellent integrated product review system, called PowerReviews Express for your Shopify store. PowerReviews Express is specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and the current integration with Shopify means it’s going to be easy to include product reviews for your products.

Some great features of the Shopify and PowerReviews Express integration include an at-a-glance review summary that makes product research easier, a feature that builds confidence with verified reviews, and the ability for customers to find reviews from people just like them.

Having customer reviews for your store has been shown as a way to increase sales significantly, and the integration process is very easy as well.

If you want to learn more, go here to see a screencast and learn more about PowerReviews.

And you can request a great white paper that shows some of the benefits of having a review system.

Want to give Shopify and PowerReviews Express a try? Sign up here for your 30-day trial account and see what it can do for your store.



  • JD Henry
    JD Henry
    May 13 2009, 07:36AM

    Thank god this is just what I have been waiting for works like a charm. This was one of my main gripes that Shopify lacked a reviews section that was solid. It may cost a fee but it is well worth it. Now we need some better inventory statistics and I will be a customer forever. :P

  • Damon
    May 13 2009, 07:36AM

    Available internationally, or just North America? Appears to be only North America.

  • Kamran Lotfi
    Kamran Lotfi
    May 13 2009, 07:36AM

    Great question about International. We do support UK and Australia as well as North America. The website sign-up is only for US and Canada though so please contact us if you have a site in the UK or Australia.

  • Vishal Patel
    Vishal Patel
    August 02 2018, 11:37AM

    Thanks for this feature in shopify, in same store there are few customer review support related importants application I saw in app store like “ReviewCaddy” these types of apps works on to collect reviews of the customer in a rich and interactive way on their purchased product. This helps increase the number of loyal and returning customers, resulting in the consistent increase in revenue. For more details, read here:

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