Buyer Contact Email Now Templated

Buyer Contact Email Now Templated

To let you work faster when notifying buyers, Shopify now uses a template to prepare the email you send when clicking on “Email Buyer” from an order screen. That means you can set up a form-letter that has the usual stuff and personalize it before it’s sent.

To use the new buyer contact form template, first click on it in your shop Admin section’s Email & Notifications section:

The new buyer contact template

Then edit the template to include the usual text you use in emails to buyers:

Edit the new buyer contact template

Now when you send a buyer an email,

Email Buyer

... the templated parts appear already filled in:

Sending buyer email with already filled-in content



  • DefunktOne
    November 05 2009, 08:00AM

    This is great. Any thoughts are enabling @Shopify users the tools to personalize the design. Right now there is zero branding we can do through these communications…

  • Preeti
    February 24 2012, 06:32AM

    Dear sir /mam
    we are into scarves and stoles we are looking for new buyers for our product pls help us

  • Limitedvaper
    September 30 2014, 07:01PM

    Looks like the image links in this post are broken.

  • John
    April 19 2017, 07:51AM

    The information give is Really Great enough.

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