Product Update: Draft Function in the Blog Page

Product Update: Draft Function in the Blog Page
This week, Mark and I introduced a small change to the way new blog articles are created at Shopify. In the past, new articles were always "published" by default. You could mark them "hidden" afterwards, but in many cases, the cat was already out of the bag.
Product Update: Draft Function in the Blog Page
That isn't the way most people want to work with their blog. For many authors, it's common practice to have one or more articles in "draft" mode, where you can continue to make revisions, or collaborate with another author on the content. So, we made it possible to create new articles in "draft" mode, where they will remain hidden, invisible to all, until you decide to publish them.



  • Andrew
    July 13 2011, 12:54PM

    great update. thanks guys!

  • Sean
    July 13 2011, 01:07PM

    My workaround for that was to publish an empty post, then go back and edit it.

    But thanks for this small change – I’m sure it will be appreciated by many.

  • Ann @ Wingsets
    Ann @ Wingsets
    July 13 2011, 06:44PM

    That’s awesome! So glad to hear that. I had networked blogs put some of my drafts out there one time! Not pretty.

  • Brantley
    July 13 2011, 08:03PM

    This is a great start. Now if you could put in a date/time to allow us to schedule them to be published, you would really have something. Thanks for the improvement.

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