Product Update: Individual Product and Collection Discounts

Product Update: Individual Product and Collection Discounts

Josh and I are pleased to announce a new feature to create discount codes that only apply to specific products and collections. To try it out, go to your "Promotions" tab and click "Add new discount code". Under the heading "Discount code applies to" select "collection" or "product".

Product Update: Individual Product and Collection Discounts

Then, your discount code will appear in your Discount Code table. 



  • Sean
    July 29 2011, 02:16PM

    Awesome work Shopify!

  • Julie Richards
    Julie Richards
    July 29 2011, 02:17PM


  • Matthew Kennedy
    Matthew Kennedy
    July 29 2011, 02:17PM

    just been playing with discounts in my store, this could be very useful as a temp work round for quantity discounting.

  • Matthew Kennedy
    Matthew Kennedy
    July 29 2011, 02:21PM

    You should add multiple filter so it’s product specific but also if they spend over say $100 on this product they can use discount code EXAMPLE to save 10%

    If they spend over $200 they can save 20% …

  • JR
    July 29 2011, 02:22PM

    It would be nice if there was a way for only certain variations to be discounted also

  • Tom
    July 29 2011, 02:40PM

    This is great for us to be able to discount specific product types. A nice improvement.


  • Chris Odell
    Chris Odell
    July 29 2011, 03:01PM

    This couldn’t be more timely for me! I was about to do a groupon like promo but couldn’t because I didn’t have this option and I didn’t want to offer 50% off my whole store.

    Thank you Shopify!

  • Danny Catullo
    Danny Catullo
    July 29 2011, 03:08PM

    Good work guys and girls! Thanks for trying to consistently be better. It really takes your already great service to a new level.

  • Tom
    July 29 2011, 03:30PM


  • Lisa
    July 29 2011, 03:50PM

    looks like it would be pretty easy to add “shipping” to that list … is that in the works?

  • Jim
    July 29 2011, 04:28PM

    I’ve been waiting for this! Great new tweak! Thanks, guys.

  • Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    July 29 2011, 04:31PM

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    @MatthewKennedy, @JR, @Lisa, Those are all great suggestions and we will be exploring them in the future. We wanted to get this feature out ASAP for you guys, instead of one massive update. You have a few more changes in store for the promotions page.

  • Claire Brennan
    Claire Brennan
    July 29 2011, 05:23PM

    Fabby! much appreciated, still hoping to be able to discount on shipping or even better, offer free shipping to individuals!

  • L
    July 29 2011, 06:09PM

    Cool! Thanks! I second the shipping discounts also!

  • Lynne
    July 29 2011, 06:19PM

    Great, definitely will try it! Think you can offer free shipping though already, I set it up as free over a certain limit.

  • Lisa
    July 29 2011, 06:41PM

    This is great, just what I need for offering promotions on my Facebook page.

    But being able to offer Free Shipping to individuals using a coupon code would totally rock!

  • M
    July 30 2011, 01:27AM

    Finally – thanks! Can we get cross-sell discounts next?

  • Olivia Bell
    Olivia Bell
    July 30 2011, 06:18AM

    YES! SO excited about this. Thank you!

  • Amanda
    July 31 2011, 04:47PM

    Thank you! Woo hoo!

  • Melissa
    August 01 2011, 08:51AM

    Hi! Is there a way to create a discount code to exclude a section of the site as I have one category currently called SALE which I want to exclude .

  • Pete
    August 01 2011, 09:21AM

    Nice addition, but can you change the discount code summary table so that its possible to copy and paste the code as text rather than simply holding it as an image?

  • Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    August 01 2011, 10:39AM

    @Pete: The discount code is not an image, it’s plan text. You can just click and drag to highlight (or double click) to select the entire text. We’re looking at ways to improve this experience as well.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!

  • Todd
    August 01 2011, 10:54AM

    Yesss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks.

  • javier correa
    javier correa
    August 01 2011, 02:16PM

    great!!!1 trying it now.

  • Kassi
    August 02 2011, 06:00PM

    This is just what we have been waiting for! Thanks!

  • Lucid Design
    Lucid Design
    August 02 2011, 10:47PM

    Great stuff. This is fantastic.

  • John
    August 03 2011, 04:30AM

    Thanks, this will be very useful.
    Could there be a “not” option so that a discount can be applied to everything except a certain product or collection?

  • JMo
    August 03 2011, 10:52AM

    Thanks for this new addition! Like others, though, would still like “free shipping” promo capabilities.

  • Callie
    August 03 2011, 03:00PM

    I cannot seem to create a new discount right now, is it under construction? Also, would love discount options for variants too!!

  • Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    August 03 2011, 04:38PM

    @Callie: Discounts aren’t available in the basic plan. You’ll have to upgrade to Pro, Business or Unlimited. Contact support over at if you have any questions.

  • Sam Alexander
    Sam Alexander
    August 03 2011, 07:55PM

    Good work guys,

    It feels great to be able to send an update e-mail to a few of my clients that have been waiting on this.

    Of course, new features come with time, but I’ll go ahead and toss my vote in for adding “AND” functionality to the conditions.

  • Brian
    August 09 2011, 06:12AM

    Really excited to see this in play now, though as JMo mentioned, we’re still missing the free shipping capability. Any idea when that will be added?

  • Jossi
    August 09 2011, 04:08PM

    When we will have gift certificates or “buy this for a friend” feature?

    Long overdue…

  • Sarah
    August 15 2011, 10:39PM

    Hi all -
    Two questions:
    1. Does anyone know if you can edit your discount after it has been made?
    2. Can the discount be made as a flat rate and applied to only one item? (for example, regardless if you buy 1 or 50 of the same product – you get a flat rate discount)?

    Many thanks in advance

  • Vickie
    August 24 2011, 08:35PM

    Excellent! Thank you.

    One suggestions, allowing a “notes” section when setting up the discount code, to have an admin description about the discount (once you have a few running sometimes difficult to recall what they for by the code only). Limited to 100 odd characters would suffice.

    Great job though! Eagerly awaiting the next updates!

  • Lisa
    November 09 2011, 02:47PM

    Any plans to add the ability to exclude specific collections or products, ie having an option of “Discount code DOES NOT apply to” select “collection” or “product” ?
    I’ve got 50+ collections and would like to exclude 2 or 3 from using the discount.

  • Brian
    November 22 2011, 10:52AM

    We’re working on a cyber Monday promo right now and I’m looking for the same functionality as Lisa. It would be great if we could exclude collections or specific products from our promo.

    The only work around I see here, is to create a custom collection of all of the products we are promoting EXCEPT those that we don’t want. But that is far from desirable, since we’re talking about hundreds of products that would need to be selected one by one for the custom collection!

    Could someone from Shopify respond to this as soon as possible?

  • matt
    April 19 2012, 03:56PM

    it would be great to offer promotions without having to enter a discount code, so customers can see the promotion appearing right there n the product.

  • Dmitriy
    May 07 2012, 02:13PM

    Is there any way to combine “Coupon Types”?

    For example, be able to have a code that offers a discount from a certain collection and a price range. ie. $30 off for order over $200 in Collection X Only.

  • Ole
    May 30 2012, 01:02PM

    The discount code functionality is nice, but where the heck can I actually enter the code as a customer?! :-) We are using paypal as the only checkout-option and i cannot find a form element where the customer can enter the code, no where in the process :-) thanks for help!!

  • marjorie
    June 13 2012, 01:37AM

    I create the promotion but how can the people use it cause they add items but when they want to pay where is the promotion code??


  • Ruby
    July 11 2012, 12:05AM

    I’m having a similar dilemma as Dmitriy, I’m looking to offer free shipping on orders over $150, but exclude certain big or bulky items that cost a fortune to ship.

  • Lin
    August 28 2012, 04:09PM

    I would like to apply one coupon code to more than 1 specific product, however I don’t want to apply it to an entire collection. Anyway to pick and choose more than 1 specific product. ( I have 3 products, I would like to use the same code for.)

  • Anthony
    September 11 2012, 04:11PM

    I set up a discount code to apply $10 to a specific product. I intended for the customer to be able to use it to get $10 off the order. but if they put more than 1 item in the cart, it takes the discount off EVERY item. So they end up getting $30 off.. This seems like broken functionality, no? I want to simply be able to say, you can get $10 off of this product, but if you order more than 1, you pay full price for the others… PLEASE HELP!

  • sam
    September 17 2012, 07:20PM

    Is there a way to create a discount code to exclude a section of the site as I have one category currently called SALE which I want to exclude .

  • Joel
    November 21 2012, 05:47AM

    This is a really nice feature of the shopify platform.

    Just wondering if there are any plans to update this to allow AND , NOT functionality to the conditions as many people have suggested.

    NOT: This would allow me to exclude certain low margin items from promotions(with a caveat in the product description). AND: For example to offer discount for a particular product AND offer it to a selected customer group.

    I have found the Discount codes feature very useful but these features would be like the icing on the Shopify Discount codes cake.

  • Charlene
    March 14 2013, 05:16PM

    I am trying to use your eCommerce for my website. Why don’t I see the promotions tab? If I can’t get the discounts and coupons feature, I will have to cancel my account with you guys. /:

  • nekonekokitteh
    June 05 2013, 04:45PM

    Do we have functionality for the customer to remove the discount codes?

  • Amanda
    June 25 2013, 04:08AM

    Is there a way to offer Buy one Get one 50% off?

  • Blaine
    September 22 2014, 01:38AM

    Hi, does the above still work?

    I cant see ‘Promotions’ in our shopify module.

    I’m wanting to offer free shipping across a whole collection (our roasted coffee beans) but can’t seem to do it, as a discount coupon seems to be the only way.
    Doesn’t seem like it would be very complex to be able to select free shipping on a whole category/collection no?


  • anayjwkjso
    October 27 2014, 10:27AM

    aicjgtipqjgz, nnonotelkp

  • Ali Clifford
    Ali Clifford
    January 11 2017, 12:12PM

    so how do I add free shipping to just one product please?
    we have a special product, and only want to add free shipping to that one product – with an offer code, globally?
    can we do that?
    many thanks

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