Using Customer Reviews to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Using Customer Reviews to Boost Ecommerce Sales


According to Internet Retailer, you can increase ecommerce conversion rate by 14-76% by adding product reviews to your online store. 

Furthermore, Jupiter Research found that 77% of consumers read reviews before purchasing online. Adding product reviews field to your product pages is easy. Each one of the apps below will give your Shopify store the ability to collect and display customer product reviews. You can read more about their pricing and features by checking out their detailed pages in the Shopify App Store

Using Customer Reviews to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Grapevine Reviews

Free for 7 Days, $10 / Month

Grapevine Reviews is an easy to use Shopify App that allows you to add product reviews to your online store. Special features include: customizable color and style to match your store, translation support, email notification, auto or manually publish new reviews, CSV export, and a beautiful user admin that lets you view and manage all pending and submitted reviews. Here is how Grapevine Reviews will look on your Shopify store:

Grapevine Reviews

Grapevine Reviews



Yotpo will put customer review fields on all of your product pages, but this app takes it to the next level by fully integrating social sharing. Yotpo is fully integrated with the most popular social media sites, so after a customer writes a review on one of your products, they will be prompted to sign in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Foursquare. The review is then automatically published to their social accounts which increases word of mouth advertising and establishes a social graph of your customers. Yotpo offers all the basic product review features, plus social integration, and some powerful analytics tools. Here's how Yotpo will look on your product page, using Shopify store The Loop Loft as an example:



Cinch7 Reviews

$9.99 / Month

Cinch7 Reviews will give you professional product review fields on your Shopify product pages. It's extremely easy to install - all you need to do is cut and paste a tiny bit of code into the back end of your store. Features of Cinch7 include: one click approval, email notification of pending reviews, easy CSV export, and a clean user interface. Here is how Cinch7 Reviews will look on your Shopify product page, using Shopify store Tweed & Country as an example:

Cinch7 Reviews


  • Derek Ashauer
    Derek Ashauer
    May 15 2012, 10:22AM

    So why isn’t this built into Shopify then instead of making everyone buy tons of apps just to get it to the same feature strength of every other cart system out there but ending up being twice as much and with clumsy integration of 3rd party apps?

  • Aaron
    May 15 2012, 11:54AM

    I agree with Derek. There are just way too may basic features that come standard with other shopping cart solutions, yet with shopify, you have to pay for a third party app and then figure out how to integrate it. It is a bit frustrating. The basic functionality of shopify works so smoothly. It’s a shame that it is so weak in features.

    I have been using powerreviews for a year now. It was a big pain to get set up and their customer service is horrible. But now that it is set up and working, I am happy with it. They have third party moderation of the reviews which gives a sense of trust to the customer. Otherwise they suspect that you are just padding your store with good reviews.

    One of the most important things to look for in a review system is if they have a way to remind the customer to write a review. Without that you will get very, very few reviews. A few months ago I wanted to switch to yotpo for the social features, but they have no system for emailing the customer to write a review, so it seems pretty pointless to me. If they will ever add that feature, I will probably switch.

    You can see what we have going on with reviews at

  • Derek
    May 15 2012, 12:14PM

    I concur with Aaron that a 3rd party customer review app needs to remind the customer to write a review.

    I use Grapevine and hardly get reviews of products purchased. The only time I could get customers motivated was through a contest give away of a hot product.

  • ALEX
    May 15 2012, 04:09PM

    We use Respondify a pretty cool Shopify app to remind customers to write a product review.

  • Al
    May 15 2012, 05:22PM

    I like that Shopify doesn’t have every bell and whistle. It isnt Microsoft Word its more like an iPhone.

    Besides, they offer many free apps. See that Yotpo is free of charge.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    May 15 2012, 06:30PM

    Derek: Thanks for commenting. Shopify’s feature-list provides what most people need most of the time. If a store needs further functionality, then we have the App Store that will present a selection of options (many of which free).

    Aaron: Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! I think what I wrote to Derek (above) touches upon what you were saying as well. We try to offer a variety of options for store owners (including free options) so store owners have more choice. In this case, we offer Yotpo as a free customer review service for Shopify store owners. Yotpo can be up and running on your site in minutes. Also, every store owner can use a service like Disqus, who have great free plan, and integrate it with their Shopify store. Every Shopify merchant has their own “Guru” who can help set that up via phone or email. As for the email prompt, I have to agree, that would be a great feature!

    Thanks all for commenting. Please feel free to leave more feedback and ask questions. You can also reach me via email (mark.hayes at anytime!

  • Andrew Youderian
    Andrew Youderian
    May 15 2012, 07:29PM

    I’ve found that offering an incentive dramatically increases the number of reviews you get. For example, offering a $50 store credit monthly giveaway gives people a reason to spend a few minutes writing a review.

    Also, show your customer they’re helping others in the community and you’ll generate more – and higher quality – reviews. For example:

    “Leave a review of the product your purchased”

    …won’t get nearly as good of a response as:

    “Help your fellow fishermen purchase the right gear – and avoid the bad – by reviewing your purchase.”

  • Tiffany
    May 16 2012, 04:46AM

    Derek: Hey, here in Yotpo we are committed to deliver the best app out there. Like Al said, our app is free of charge so there is nothing to worry about. Moreover, our head of support will make sure that there will be nothing clumsy about the installation process. You can try and see for yourself.

    Aaron: Mail after purchase is an important feature, that’s why you’ll soon be able to do just that with the Yotpo app.
    So when and if you’ll decide to switch, we’ll be there to help throughout the process.

  • Wisker
    May 17 2012, 02:33AM

    The ONLY reason I want a built in Shopify review systems is because – NONE – of these reviews apps are indexed on the shopify site. Less Javascript, More Indexed SEO Content. (ESPECIALLY if we are paying for it).

  • InJewels
    May 30 2012, 11:16PM

    I’m trying Cinch7 out. So far…so bad. While the script shows on my product page, it’s been impossible to post a review. CLicking the submit button does NOTHING.

    I’ve contacted their support but have not gotten a response as of yet

  • Dave
    October 09 2012, 08:07PM

    Yet another bolt on that you have to set up…why can’t this be built in like with other ecommerce solutions?

  • chris
    October 16 2012, 02:02PM

    I agree 100%. It’s very irritating that reviews are not included. This is a simple enough feature that shouldn’t be complicated to integrate.

  • Lisa
    November 22 2012, 06:35PM

    Tried Yopo, yopo loads too slow, and it doesn’t look nice and clean like the ones which people have to pay for. Review system is like a must have for retailers to boost consumer confidence. Shopify should integrate it as a standard function for retailers.

  • Dr Rob
    Dr Rob
    November 28 2012, 02:21PM

    Agree with all the above: Feedback is a totally basic service. I set up my Shopify store a week ago (17 orders already – woo hoo!) but after that, the very next thing I want is to get feedback so I can begin to improve what I do. I went in to admin expecting there to be a click-box for ‘Add customer review facility’ and I was very surprised to find there was none. C’mon Shopify… are you the best, or Not?

  • Vanessa Chipner
    Vanessa Chipner
    March 20 2013, 09:10PM

    Great article! I think that feedback either good or bad is something that everyone should share after they use a company. I have been looking for some lawn care service testimonials for Salt Lake County, because I am new to the area and need a lawn company. Do you know of any good websites where I can read reviews on local companies?

  • Volker
    August 14 2013, 05:59AM

    This is a bad solution because Google cannot read the reviews. Its all javascript. And reviews are fairly important in google’s eyes.

  • John
    November 29 2013, 04:50AM

    I am very dissapointed to be honest. EVERY other site like mine has a review section right under the product…submit they approve and whammo there ya have it. This has nothing. I am about to delete my yotbot or whatever they call it…it’s horrible just to look at! Think I may switch shopping carts too because this is getting to be way too much work. And we pay for it! arrrrrrrrrrrrg

  • Luis Miguel
    Luis Miguel
    January 23 2014, 06:04AM

    Hey guys I think Orankl might solve some of your problems. We offer reviews which can be customizable (both the look and feel and you can also add questions) and you can also engage with your reviewers via private message. The private messaging feature will allow you to engage with your reviewers, by thanking the good reviewers and understanding the reasons behind bad reviews. And it’s free! Give it a try!

  • Matt
    February 12 2014, 12:42AM

    I wonder if it is possible to link to your reviews in a tab…even if your ‘reviews’ tab is the first or furthest left?

  • Charles River
    Charles River
    April 15 2016, 09:30AM

    Why not just buy a Shopify theme that has a Google friendly reviews tab to display reviews? There are so many available for $150. A one off instead of monthly billing.

  • Mark Hues
    Mark Hues
    July 21 2016, 06:35AM

    I’ve been using free web tool for a while and it’s been working pretty well. Not sure why people go for paid options when there are so many free ones available out there.

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