Win a Meeting with Shark Tank's Daymond John

Win a Meeting with Shark Tank's Daymond John


Here's your chance to talk about your ecommerce store with a Shark without having to enter the Shark Tank!
To celebrate the season finale of Shark Tank tomorrow night we're giving away a 30 minute 1-on-1 Skype Power Session with Daymond John. Daymond is one of America's leading business and marketing minds, having founded FUBU, and now starring as an investor on ABC's Shark Tank. "As someone who loves marketing, it's critical that I stay on top of the newest emerging social media platforms. For Shopify store owners, it's even more important to know how to use these platforms to drive sales," says John. 

3 Easy Steps to Win

1. Follow Shopify on Pinterest (use the button below, or visit Shopify on Pinterest). We'll follow you back so that we can see your pins.

Follow Me on Pinterest
2. Pin the most awesome product from your Shopify store. In the description tell us why you should win the Power Session with Daymond John. At the end of the description you must include the hashtag #shopify_contest so we can find your pin!
3. Get as many people as you can to re-pin your post. Use Twitter, Facebook, your blog, call your Uncle Ralph... anything goes!

How We Select a Winner

The five stores with the most re-pins on their entry as of May 31 at 5 PM Eastern Time will be reviewed by Daymond John who will then pick the winner. As a bonus, throughout the contest we will also be giving away autographed copies of Daymond John's book, Display of Power.
You can follow along, and re-pin your favorite products, by checking out our Daymond John Power Session Contest board on Pinterest. 
Also, check out our Pinterest Guide for Ecommerce and our infographic on how Pinterest is driving ecommerce sales
Don't forget to watch Daymond and the other Sharks in action this Friday at 8 PM EST on ABC!

UPDATE: We've heard from some entrants whose Pins we haven't been able to see via Pinterest search. If you've Pinned an entry and you don't see it on our Daymond John Power Session board, please paste a link to your Pin in the comments below. 

Winner Announcement
Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! It's great to see so many passionate store owners. There were over 2,700 re-pins of the contest entries which means tons of people saw all your great products.
We extended the finalist list to the 6 top re-pins since it was such a close race. We passed them on to Daymond, who reviewed each product, their Pin and their website. 
We will be sending each runner-up an autographed copy of Daymond John's book The Brand Within.  Here are runner-ups in no particular order:
Ecommerce Website Powered by Shopify

Design Darling
An avid blogger, Mackenzie is determined to help solve her reader's accessorizing and decorating dilemmas, by creating a tightly edited assortment tailored to the style-savvy woman.

Ecommerce Website Powered by Shopify

GiveDap challenges the conventional means of internet gift ordering offering ten to fifteen cool, male-directed gifts that can be sent to clients, coworkers, friends, or relatives.

Ecommerce Website Powered by Shopify

Golf Swing Accelerator
Inventor Frank O'Brien was tired of making trips to the driving range to fix his swing so he invented the Golf Swing Accelerator to help golfers develop a more powerful, accurate and consistent swing.

Ecommerce Website Powered by Shopify

Supplement Reviewer
SSR Supplements was started by a group of 'supplement aficionados' frustrated by bad product recommendations. Their goal is to find the best stack of supplements to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Ecommerce Website Powered by Shopify

Diamond Candles
Diamond Candles sell eco-friendly, soy candles with a twist. Inside each candle is a ring worth between $10 - $5,000. Burn down the candle for your very own 'ring reveal' experience.

And the winner is:

Ecommerce Website Powered by Shopify

ThirstTees was born with the goal of giving everyone in the world access to clean, drinkable water. When you Wear Water, you are giving someone access to clean water for 25 years. ThirstTees has partnered with Thirst Relief International, a charity that builds wells and biosand filters throughout Africa, India and South America. The group sells several fashionable styles of men's and women's t-shirts through their online store.

Congratulations to all! If the runner-ups could please email me ( with their mailing address, we'll get those autographed books in the mail.



  • Chris Odell
    Chris Odell
    May 17 2012, 05:43PM

    This is excellent although my fans likely won’t want to sign up for yet another service like pinterest. But I’ll do my best as i’m trying to reach Damond for my gear and apparel company “Datsusara” ( …shopify store). I have been reaching out to Tim and I plan to attend the Shark Tank Los Angels casting call next week if needed, I will reach him somehow :)

  • Amy
    May 18 2012, 11:15PM

    Shopify continues to impress me with their incredible contacts & opportunities! We’ll definitely enter the contest – Pinterest has been a great way to get our products in front of people who wouldn’t have seen them otherwise.

  • Jon Gregory
    Jon Gregory
    May 23 2012, 07:47PM

    Oh no, Shopify…you’ve made a huge mistake. You’ve woken the beast now ;) Third is in it to win it baby.

  • Jason
    May 24 2012, 02:24PM

    Our pin is not there:

  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    May 24 2012, 02:28PM

    @Jason Thanks! We’ve re-pinned.

  • Emily
    May 24 2012, 02:32PM

    Our pin is:



  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    May 24 2012, 02:37PM

    @Emily – Got yours too, great shirt!

  • Suzanne
    May 24 2012, 03:20PM

    Hi, not sure how long it takes for our pin to appear but ours is
    Many thanks!

  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    May 24 2012, 03:24PM

    @Suzanne – Added to our board. Thanks and good luck!

  • Jon Gregory
    Jon Gregory
    May 24 2012, 08:50PM

    @Mike – Get ready for the social media boost!

    Twitter: @inJonsMind

  • Jon Gregory
    Jon Gregory
    May 25 2012, 08:38PM

    Wrong link, this is the good stuff right here:

  • Electra
    May 27 2012, 06:27PM

    Can you be a tad more specific? Will you just pick from the top 5 with the hashtag & the most pins? Or must people repin our pin from the shopify contest board itself? Thanks!

  • Give Dap Sr.
    Give Dap Sr.
    May 29 2012, 10:38AM

    Sorry Shopify, but… weee’rrrre baaaaaaaaaaaack:

  • Electra
    May 30 2012, 01:29PM

    Just wanted to make sure you have our pin!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    May 30 2012, 04:28PM

    @Electra: We’ll total the re-pins from both the original and any on our Daymond board.

  • Mackenzie {Design Darling}
    Mackenzie {Design Darling}
    May 30 2012, 06:26PM

    Throwing my name into the ring last minute! My pin doesn’t seem to be showing up but here’s the link:

  • Ben
    May 31 2012, 12:02AM

    Late entry: please add us to your board:

  • Josh Beaty
    Josh Beaty
    May 31 2012, 08:52AM


    For some reason our pin isn’t showing up either from Diamond Candles, so here’s our link:

  • Josh Beaty
    Josh Beaty
    May 31 2012, 10:07AM

    For some reason our original pin isn’t showing up on the Shopify board with all the pins and repins. Right now we have 166, hopefully this won’t be an issue. When you click on the #shopify_contest hashtag, however, it will take you to all the pins tagged with that and you can see the original.

  • Jon
    May 31 2012, 10:19AM

    My product was never added to the official board even after I posted here and sent an email. That isn’t something that makes Shopify look very good.


  • Elise H
    Elise H
    May 31 2012, 11:40AM

    Mt pins (not sure which way I’m supposed to do it)
    Hopefully one of those are right! lol

  • Laura TIE-HIGHS
    Laura TIE-HIGHS
    May 31 2012, 12:13PM
    Here is my pin. Entered recently, but it’s there to check out.

  • Jon
    May 31 2012, 12:51PM

    Much love Shopify, I will continue my subscription. Crunch time now, not much time left!

  • @Shopify Mike Freeman
    Mike Freeman
    May 31 2012, 02:02PM

    Everyone’s pins should be up on our Daymond John board, if not please let us know. AND, good luck everyone!

  • Laura TIE-HIGHS
    Laura TIE-HIGHS
    June 01 2012, 05:45PM

    I’m not sure why my pin is not showing on board anymore.

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