Introducing Shopify Stories

Introducing Shopify Stories

Yesterday, we introduced Shopify Stories. They're a new series of videos that tell tales of interesting Shopify store owners - why they decided to sell online, how they started their business, and how it's changed their lives. 

There are so many amazing small businesses owners who have chosen Shopify as their ecommerce platform. But these stories aren’t about Shopify, they’re about celebrating our merchants and their success. 

Meet Corrine Anestopoulos. She founded Biko - a 'modern nostalgic' jewellery brand. She scours vintage shops, and the countries she travels for perfect metals, charms, chains, and natural stones to create beautiful pieces of jewellery. Each handcrafted piece tells a story. Corrine began Biko six years ago but only recently began selling online. Here is her story:

Take a look at our new Shopify Stories page for more videos. 
Over the next little while we're going to post more of these stories. Do you have an interesting story? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook and you may be our next Shopify Story. 


  • Franco
    October 10 2012, 12:45PM

    Great video! Awesome idea for a series

  • Fred Perrotta
    Fred Perrotta
    October 10 2012, 06:15PM

    Love this series. Really inspirational. My partner and I at Tortuga Backpacks would love to contribute.

    We were inspired to start our company by your Build-a-Business mentor, Tim Ferriss. After a backpacking trip to Eastern Europe, we realized our backpacks were terrible and decided to make something better. You can read more here:

  • Josue
    October 10 2012, 11:56PM

    I love that you guys are doing this, great way to capture the story and very inspiring.

  • Steve Chaparro
    Steve Chaparro
    October 11 2012, 04:36AM

    We absolutely love the idea of sharing stories. In fact, we love it so much that this the basis of our Shopify shop, Yes, we sell handcrafted bow & bow ties, but more than that, we are storytellers. We tell “Stories Tied In Bows”. Also, we just launched a campaign to raise funds for the fight against cancer with The PINK STORIES Collection.

    I hope this doesn’t come off as a shameful plug, I am just trying to demonstrate how much we love the concept of stories. We look forward to many more Shopify Stories. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  • Johnny
    October 11 2012, 05:03AM

    This is so inspiring, I really love these videos! I don’t have a store on my own, I’m a webdesigner and work with client with setting up new sites and stores.

    But, this makes me wanna have one! :)

  • Mary Ann
    Mary Ann
    October 11 2012, 11:55AM

    Love the stories. Very inspirational! Who does the videos?

  • SBDS Apparel
    SBDS Apparel
    October 12 2012, 03:37PM

    Great video! Awesome footage. She had strong words of advice, and we love the pieces.

  • jay Veltz
    jay Veltz
    October 23 2012, 09:46PM

    I would love to share our story we are on schedule to do 1 mllion in sales this year. Here is our link:

  • ryn
    October 24 2012, 06:34AM

    I am an artisan jeweler in pragmatic Singapore. After10yrs in the corporate world, i finally realised that the life i want to lead is to design and make jewelry, and etching my own life journey from that. Walking this less trodden road hasn’t been easy but I have to Shopify is one of my life-savers!

    Do check out my works and blog at

  • Rick
    October 31 2012, 11:46AM

    Hey gang! I just saw the “Stories” piece and thought it was incredible. I’m sure you guys there at HQ know how our business has exploded at and how we’ve leveraged your platform in some very unique ways.
    What you guys may not be aware of however, is that our foray into the world of e-commerce was necessitated by the near collapse of our brick & mortar wholesale business. That’s right, we had 5 days notice that 50% of our revenue stream was disappearing when our largest customer was acquired. We spent 30 years shaping our business to handle someone else’s…and then it all vanished almost overnight.
    We had no choice but to completely reshape the We didn’t do it to grow, we did it to survive. I’m curious how many other brick & mortar businesses could learn from our story not to wait until it’s nearly too late to breathe new life into your business model? If you think it’s worthy, we’d love to share our story!

  • Sarah Gross
    Sarah Gross
    November 21 2012, 01:50PM

    Proud to be amongst Shopify enterpreneurs! I started Rescue Chocolate in order to combine my 2 passions: dark chocolate and animal rescue. My chocolate bars and truffles are only for human consumption, of course, but I donate all profits to various animal rescue organizations. I’ve been operating for almost 3 years and have partnered with hundreds of great animal groups so far. Everyone loves that Rescue Chocolate is vegan, kosher, handmade, organic, fair-trade, and delicious!

  • suhana
    April 09 2013, 08:35AM

    Today i came across this amazing new website named…i really think you guys should check it out..

  • Ashley Jewell
    Ashley Jewell
    September 06 2014, 07:16PM

    I am so glad to hear about this amazing resource for shopify sellers. We recently launched our shopify store and can’t wait to post our story!

  • hjgj
    November 03 2014, 04:50AM


  • Test
    October 29 2015, 08:14AM


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