Domain Names Now From Just $9

Domain Names Now From Just $9

Most domain names for your Shopify store now cost just $9. If you’re using the free address for your online store, now is the time to register your store a professional domain name. The benefits of owning your own domain are plenty, and using Shopify to register a domain is fast and easy.

Does your online store already have a custom domain name? It’s a good idea to protect your brand name and register all other possible domain extensions for your online store.

Here are the benefits of registering a .com, .net or other domain name with Shopify:

  • It’s the easiest, fastest way to register and activate a domain for your store.
  • You receive 1 year of use, automatically renewed until you cancel your Shopify store or domain.
  • We handle all the technical stuff like DNS settings and CNAMEs.
  • Automatic setup of, and
  • Optional access to full DNS configuration and WHOIS details, in case you need to make manual changes.
To buy a domain name for your Shopify store using "Admin" click here.

Already have a custom domain name?

Even if you already have a domain name for your online store, you should protect your brand by registering other domain extensions. For example, if you own you should consider getting,, etc. as well.  If you plan on selling in international markets, you may also want to consider getting country specific domain names like,,, etc. Shopify supports registering and allowing your store to be accessed by multiple domain names.

Owning multiple domain names is especially important for established businesses that plan on growing and expanding operations. If you delay and someone else picks them up, you may be unable to obtain them or be forced to spend a lot of money to register them at a later date.

Check our latest post for a list of business name generator tools to help you find the perfect domain name.



  • Thomas Holmes
    Thomas Holmes
    January 07 2013, 11:27AM

    That’s good news Mark! One quick query – on the two free email addresses that redirect, last I heard this was no longer in place. I removed it from the book. Is it back?

  • james
    January 07 2013, 02:16PM

    How can I get the domain I currently own to show up in the title? I have it forwarded to My Shopify, but i don’t like how it breaks my brand, and then shows the shopify address. Please help

  • @Shopify Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    January 07 2013, 03:32PM

    Hey James,

    Give a shout and they will be able to walk you through it. Blog comments aren’t the best for troubleshooting these kind of issues.

    January 07 2013, 07:36PM

    I just love shopify. They are soooo kind and always get things I need done. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!

  • Ss
    January 08 2013, 03:01PM

    This is great and to answer my own question I was going to ask, you can tie email addresses to your domain with gmail –

  • Burton
    January 11 2013, 07:45AM

    Where can i search to see if my ideal domain name is available?

  • Mr G
    Mr G
    January 17 2013, 12:37PM

    I want to use or .com how do i go threw this process

  • Dylan Valade
    Dylan Valade
    January 17 2013, 08:24PM

    Can people checkout on yet?

  • suhana
    April 09 2013, 07:01AM

    Today i came across this amazing new website named…i really think you guys should check it out..

  • priyanka
    August 28 2014, 03:46AM
    It’s very useful blog your site thanks provide blog comments All visitor use to check domain

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