Connectors for Shopify Flow: Automation Across Your Business Tools

Connectors for Shopify Flow: Automation Across Your Business Tools

We all know a system is the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, those parts don’t always play nice or work well together.

Underneath the hood of your business is a complex system of tools, apps, and services that power your brand’s online and offline customer experience. The problem is the tools you rely on don’t always sync, connect, or talk to one another efficiently or effectively.

Today, we’re announcing a giant leap forward in simplification, customer experience, and growth.

Wanted: Control + Simplification

Inefficiently filling the gaps between solutions quickly drains resources.

Tedious manual workarounds offer flexibility but are time-consuming and distract you from higher value activities. Likewise relying on third-party apps or developers can result in weak or less than robust connections.

To truly control and simplify your business, information must be shared between systems and tools.

In a perfect world, you should be able to connect all of your backend tools with your storefront and automate much of the work these systems require of one another. You should be able to experiment behind the scenes to achieve greater efficiencies while maintaining a compelling customer experience.

Now you can …

Introducing Connectors for Shopify Flow

We’re proud to announce that Connectors for Shopify Flow makes it easy to automate tasks and ideas across the apps you use every day.

Between-app workflows now serve as the connective tissue uniting external systems and your store, eliminating many of the tasks you’ve currently been doing manually or patching together with custom code or a third-party solution.

Not only will Flow’s ability to integrate fill the gaps between systems and give you control, but it will also help you in three crucial ways:

Simplify Business Workflows

Flow integrations can build bridges between business tools that previously couldn’t easily be connected. Integrations can find new ways for your apps to work together, saving you time.

Focus on Growth

Flow’s visual workflow builder allows you to automate tasks in minutes with triggers and actions for apps you use to run your business every day. Now you can experiment behind the scenes without spending time and money on third-party solutions or development resources.

Get More Out of Your Apps

Power up your apps by connecting them to both your Shopify store and each other. Workflows can now start from an event in an app, and end by taking action in another.

16 Workflows for Your Favorite Apps

Here are just some of the creative, new ways your apps can work together. Download, import, and get automating today.

View the full list of connectors.

1. Create a customer-service ticket when you receive a negative review

Act quickly on negative reviews and make the customer experience better, instead of allowing them to negatively impact other visitors. to Gorgias

How it works:

  • Starts when a customer submits a negative review (2 stars or lower) in Reviews
  • Creates a customer-service ticket in Gorgias, contents of the review, and contact information so you can reach out to improve their negative experience

Download workflow

2. Start win-back email sequence when customers become “at risk”

When a customer becomes inactive, re-engage them immediately with an email sequence offering incentives like a discount code.

LoyaltyLion to Klaviyo

How it works:

  • Starts when a customer is deemed “at risk” in LoyaltyLion via a unique algorithm you control in your loyalty program settings
  • This event is then tracked in the customer’s profile in Klaviyo and can automatically trigger a win-back email sequence

Download workflow

3. Get notified when an out of stock item is in high demand

Discover which items currently out of stock items are in high demand so you can immediately restock the item, never again miss a sale to stockouts, and take the guesswork out of inventory management.

Back in Stock to email

How it works:

  • Starts when at least ten customers have signed up to be notified when a product is back in stock through the Back in Stock integration
  • Notifies your team via email that an out of stock product is in high demand

Download workflow

4. Send a handwritten note after a customer’s second order

Surprise and delight customers with real handwritten mail to keep them coming back using Bond, a platform that offers businesses the ability to send handwritten notes at scale. Learn more about using Bond’s connector.

2nd order to Bond

How it works:

  • Starts after a customer places their second order in your store
  • Customer’s address and chosen note template is sent to Bond, which automatically sends a customized handwritten note in the mail

Download workflow

5. Email a discount to a customer on their birthday

Surprise a customer on their birthday with an email that demonstrates you care and helps differentiate you from competitors. Learn more about using Bronto’s connector.

LoyaltyLion to Bronto

How it works:

  • Starts on the day of your customer’s birthday with the data captured in LoyaltyLion
  • Customer is automatically added to a list in Bronto where you can set rules to automatically send a birthday email with a discount code

Download workflow

6. Text a discount code after a customer has placed two orders

Thank customers for being loyal by communicating directly through a channel they’re likely to find intimate and through which they’re more likely to engage.

2nd order to SMSBump

How it works:

  • Starts after a customer places their second order and they’ve accepted marketing communications
  • SMSBump uses the customer’s phone number to send an SMS with a discount code

Download workflow

7. Reward customers for placing a pre-order

Encourage customers to pre-order items — and possibly fund the cost of creating a new product — by offering rewards in return for their loyalty.

Pre-Order Manager to Swell Rewards

How it works:

  • Starts when a pre-order is purchased on one of your product pages through Pre-Order Manager
  • Add a custom amount of loyalty points to the customer’s loyalty account in Swell Rewards

Download workflow

8. Issue a gift card to a customer on their third order

Entice customers to remain loyal and purchase more often by offering a gift card after their 3rd order.

3rd order to GiftWizard

How it works:

  • Starts once a customer places their third order in your store
  • GiftWizard issues a gift card for $25 (or a custom amount) and emails the customer notifying them of the gift

Download workflow

9. Award loyalty points to customers that bought a specific product

Incent site visitors to purchase slow-selling products, move inventory quickly, or purchase new products during an important launch by rewarding customers with loyalty points for purchasing the items you want them to purchase.

Specific product to

How it works:

  • Starts when a customer purchases a product you designate
  • Smile tracks this as an activity in the customer’s profile where you can specify actions based on each activity, like rewards and loyalty points

Download workflow

10. Add a free gift to orders over $100

Surprise customers who spend at least one hundred dollars by automatically providing them with a free gift. Learn more about using Edit Order’s connector.

Over $100 to Edit Order

How it works:

  • Starts when a customer completes an order for more than $100 in your store
  • Edit Order will edit the order with the template specified in your workflow
  • Edit Order cancels the order and automatically creates a duplicate with the actions specified in the template, such as adding a free product to the order

Download workflow

11. Track negative products reviews in a Google Sheet

Quickly and easily identify trends that emerge in negative product reviews so you can instantly address issues before they become catastrophic. to Google Sheets

How it works:

  • Starts when a negative review (1 or 2-star) is submitted in Reviews
  • A new row is added to a Google Sheet with the product that was reviewed, the rating, review contents, and customer information for tracking purposes

Download workflow

12. Increase loyalty tier of customers that add products to a wishlist

Reward customers who add items to their wishlist for demonstrating intent and showing interest in your brand by placing them in a higher loyalty tier designed explicitly to nurture them — or their loved ones — to purchase what’s on the wishlist.

Wishlist Plus to LoyaltyLion

How it works:

  • Starts when a customer adds a product to their Wishlist Plus wishlist, integrated into your theme
  • Add a custom amount of loyalty points to the customer in Swell Rewards

Download workflow

13. Create a task in Asana when product inventory is low

Take control and better track tasks in email or Slack by using a centralized project management tool like Asana and connect it with Flow to create tasks your entire team can transparently track and monitor.

Low product inventory to Asana

How it works:

  • Starts when a product’s total inventory is 10 (or a specified amount considered to be “low” for your business)
  • A task is created and can be optionally assigned to a team member in an Asana project

Download workflow

14. Reward customers who sign up for in-stock alerts

Improve the customer experience by offering rewards points to customers who sign up to be notified when an item is back in stock instead of turning them away empty-handed and disappointed.

In Stock Alert to Swell Rewards

How it works:

  • Starts when a customer signs up to be notified when a product is back in stock with your In Stock Alert integration on a product page
  • Add a custom amount of loyalty points to the customer in Swell Rewards

Download workflow

15. Track wholesale applications in a Trello board

Take control of your wholesale channel and better track tasks in email or Slack by using a centralized project management tool like Trello and connect it with Flow to create tasks your entire team can transparently track and monitor.

Wholesale channel to Trello

How it works:

Download workflow

16. Add suspicious orders to a Google Sheet for review

Instantly track suspicious orders in a Google Sheet so you or a member of your team can double check an order prior to fulfillment.

NS8 to Google Sheets

How it works:

  • Starts when an order recommendation is marked as “investigate” in NS8 Protect
  • Adds a row to a Google Sheet with information from the suspicious order

Download workflow

Flow’s Future and Your Business

When we initially launched Flow, merchants just like you immediately began using it to automate parts of their business which have helped them execute one-million dollar sales days and save hundreds of hours a year.

NOTE: Be sure to download the 10 holiday workflow templates we built to help you reduce complexity and do more with less during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Importantly, this latest announcement means Flow is evolving in ways that allow you to connect and automate the systems and tools you use outside of Shopify to simplify your business and become more operationally efficient when you need it most — when you’re scaling rapidly.

Like you though, Flow has a lot of runway left to run. So you keep automating and we’ll keep innovating …


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