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In Conversation with Shopify Plus

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In Conversation with Shopify Plus

Do not miss our new podcast where we speak with the names you care about in business. And cover the things you care about, too.

Hear Steve Madden share his comeback from addiction and prison. Dylan Lauren details why her father, the fashion designer Ralph Lauren, told her to go bigger, not smaller, when founding her candy empire. And Dani Reiss charts how, as other brands rush to sell direct to consumer, Canada Goose isn’t backing off wholesale just yet.


Episode 01 - 12.08.2020

Sticking with Retail, “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and Coming Back from Addiction and Prison

Steve Madden, Founder, Steve Madden

Episode 02 - 12.08.2020

Flagship Stores, Delegating as CEO, and the Unique Lessons of Her Father, Ralph Lauren

Dylan Lauren, Founder and CEO, Dylan’s Candy Bar

Episode 03 - 12.08.2020

Wholesale Lives, the Future is Omnichannel, and Asking Your Own Dad to Step Down as CEO

Dani Reiss, President and CEO, Canada Goose

Episode 04 - 01.05.2021

Only Bad Retail Is Dying, the Benefit of Two CEOs, and Leaving No Carbon Footprint Behind

Tim Brown, Co-founder and Co-CEO, Allbirds

Episode 05 - 01.05.2021

How to Style Products on Instagram, Influencers, and What Happens when Your Company Gets the Kardashian Bump

Seema Bansal, Co-founder, Venus ET Fleur

Episode 06 - 01.05.2021

Dangers of Discounting, Outside Investors vs. Internal Culture, and His Relationship With Lululemon Now

Chip Wilson, Founder, Lululemon

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