Selling Shopify: Sales Resources for Partners

An exclusive collection of resources to help you win Shopify projects and progress on your journey to becoming a Shopify Expert

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Shopify Sales Toolkit

Exclusive resources to help you start selling Shopify to your clients

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  • Pitching Shopify to clients

    This guide will teach you how to position Shopify to your existing and prospective clients, and show them why Shopify’s hosted ecommerce platform is right for their business.

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  • Why hosted ecommerce and Shopify?

    Use this slide deck to explain the benefits of hosted ecommerce and Shopify to prospective clients, or incorporate its content into your own branded presentation.

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Shopify Plus Toolkit

Everything you need for selling to high-volume, fast-growing merchants

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  • How to sell Shopify Plus

    This sales training guide shows you how to identify sales opportunities and convey the value of Shopify Plus to clients.

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  • Evaluating Shopify Plus prospects

    This guide will teach you how to spot Shopify Plus prospects, and how to recommend the plan based on their individual needs.

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  • Why upgrade to Shopify Plus?

    Deliver this presentation to explain the features and benefits of Shopify Plus to Shopify clients outgrowing their current plan.

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  • Why migrate to Shopify Plus?

    Use this slide deck to introduce Shopify Plus to clients that would benefit from a seamless migration to Shopify Plus.

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