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The four-step naming process to create your memorable, relevant perfume company

Like many business owners, you may find that naming your perfume company is a challenge. Should it be catchy and unique? Will your audience remember it? The following four-step approach can help you come up with a business name that your audience loves and one that you can build a strong brand around.

Brainstorm names

Try thinking about what words would fit into your perfume company name and resonate with your audience. "Connected," "progressive," and "flexible" are all examples of words that you may want to associate with your business. The idea here is to come up with a list of words or names that spring to mind when you think about your company.

Which ideas work best

Following this, you can begin analyzing your list of names. Cross out the names that might be hard to remember, spell, or pronounce. If you chose a word that isn't in your target audience's native language, think about how this might impact them. It's important to evaluate your business name ideas from the perspective of your ideal customer—how would they feel about the names you select?

Focus on the business names that are memorable and resonate the most with your target audience.

Here's a list of questions you can ask yourself to shorten your list:

  • Is it easy to remember?
  • Is it hard to grasp in your target audience's native language?
  • Is it unique in your industry?
  • Is there a deeper meaning that your audience will bond with?
  • Is the name free of outdated words?

Gather feedback

At this point, you should have between 3-6 potential perfume company names. This is a great opportunity to begin asking colleagues or people within your industry for feedback. Avoid recruiting family member as they may be less likely to provide constructive criticism.

Consider asking questions like:

  • What does this name remind you of?
  • Could you spell it without thinking?
  • What do you think this business sells?
  • Would you trust this brand?
  • Have you heard this business name before?

After you've received feedback from your group, it should be easier for you to pinpoint which names are no longer viable.

Is the domain already in use?

The final step is to check for available domain names with your perfume company name list. You don't need to purchase the domain at this time, but you should be aware if it's already taken. Another thing to examine is whether the names have been trademarked or used by another company in any way. You can do this through a quick Google search.

Five suggestions for naming your perfume company

While it's an important step in the process, choosing your business name is just the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey. If you're new to the market or if you're rebranding an existing company, it's important to come up with a business name that gives a positive first impression. It should speak to your customers' motivations or desires and evoke your brand values.

This can, of course, be difficult and draining, so here are five tips for coming up with a memorable name for your business:

As an entrepreneur, having your perfume company online is of utmost importance. But it's equally important to make sure that your business name is spelled correctly and easy to find by potential customers. A bad name will frustrate your efforts in growing a large online audience. Replacing letters with numbers or omitting vowels from words can also make it more difficult for customers to find you.

Generic words make it difficult to show a difference between your business and your competitors. This may cause people to assume that you’re an offshoot of a pre-existing business. Consider your brand values and unique selling points (USPs) and let these guide your perfume company name. Ultimately, you want to make it easy for customers to remember your name.

Including your product, location, or target audience in your company name may limit your future growth. Consider how difficult it would be to offer a new product or enter a new market if your company's name is overly specific. Choose a unique term that characterizes your business instead of a product or location for your business name. This way you won't be capping your business growth potential.

You need to choose a business name that is positive and has meaning for your target audience. You want people to instantly understand what you sell and trust you to give them quality products or services.

It's a great idea to register your own site as early as possible in order to capture some of the SEO benefits that come from having a branded site. Even if you don't plan on posting content on your site in the immediate future, registering your domain gives you a chance to be discovered by search engines when they come across related searches. That's especially valuable if you're hoping to reach your target audience online through organic search.

Creating a product and setting up a website are only two aspects of starting a business. Deciding on your perfume company name is the first step in your entrepreneurial journey. Using Shopify to manage your website and online orders means that you get all the support you need to be successful in your endeavor.


In three easy steps, the perfume business name generator provides instant suggestions.

  1. Simply think of a word that best describes your perfume brand or business
  2. Enter it into the name generator field
  3. Click the “Generate names” button

That’s it! Now you have 100+ possibilities to select from or use as inspiration.

The best place to begin is by nailing down your business strategy. Think about your vision, goals, and target customer. Ask yourself, who is purchasing your products?

Once you’ve completed your strategy, brainstorm the words that best describe the scents and style of your perfume brand.

One of the most important things is to verify the business name isn’t taken. Remember, Shopify’s free brand name generator is here to help inspire creative and unique perfume name ideas!

Catchy perfume brand names are memorable, fun, and original. When coming up with perfume business names, consider the following methods:

  • Alliteration
  • Acronyms
  • Rhyme
  • Turn it into a pun
  • Avoid being literal
  • Use symbolism

Some of the best perfume brand names include:

  • Euphoria
  • Black Opium
  • Light Blue
  • One
  • Bright

Yes! The perfume store names generator tool from Shopify is free to use for all businesses and entrepreneurs. You can run as many searches as you like!

Popular perfume names can play off scent notes, bottle design, and the feeling you want your customers to embody when they wear your perfume. Popular perfume brand names don’t have to be on the nose—think outside of the box!

The names generated above are examples only and may be used by other businesses or subject to third-party rights. By using them, you agree to these Terms.

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